September 29, 2015

Lisa Poisso:
Book Editor & Writing Coach

In an age when anyone can hang out a shingle on the internet as a book editor, your manuscript is safe with me.

Editors aren’t just people who love books or were good at English in school. They’re trained professionals with a specific skill set and daily immersion in the publishing industry. I keep up with editorial and publishing trends so your manuscript gets edited to today’s standards, for today’s publishers and readers.

Some editors take in editing from publishing houses. I prefer to work directly with authors.

That moment when you understand how a new-to-you storytelling technique makes your whole story come together? That’s what lights my creative fires. I want to help you find clarity.

Lisa PoissoI’m also a working writer. I’m on your side of the proverbial red pen on a regular basis, and I understand what helps and what doesn’t help from a writer’s point of view.

I do all the work on your book myself, with the exception of my three industrious editorial assistants—two greyhounds and a staghound. #45mphcouchpotatoes #adoptdontshop #rescue

And of course, I love books. I love to chat about books and writing and editing on Twitter and Facebook. Away from my desk, I belong to several book groups and am a voracious lover of books (and that heady grass-and-vanilla scent we love so well—mmm). I want your book to become something I’d crave curling up with in my reading chair, too.

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