content vs. copy editing

What’s more important, content or copy editing?

If you could only afford one round of editing, should it be content editing or copy editing? Content editing ensures that your story is strong and vital. Copyediting (or line editing) crosses all the t’s and dots all the i’s. A purchase-worthy book needs both—but whether you’re hoping to be picked up by a publishing Read more about What’s more important, content or copy editing?[…]

Self-publishing mistakes

3 ways to waste good writing and editing

So you’ve had your manuscript professionally edited. That decision marks you as an author who understands self-publishing means assuming responsibility for professional-quality editing and revision. Great start! But the finish line is still quite a long, dusty trek ahead. While your budget may still be stinging from editing—it’s one of the biggest costs of your Read more about 3 ways to waste good writing and editing[…]

Crowdsourced editing

Is crowdsourced editing right for your book?

New authors often wonder why they can’t skip paying for a professional editor and crowdsource their editing instead among volunteer readers. Or what about using that neighbor who’s a retired English teacher? She says she’d only charge $200 to edit your entire book. Couldn’t you save big money with crowdsourced editing? You could—but you wouldn’t be Read more about Is crowdsourced editing right for your book?[…]

How far ahead should you schedule your edit?

One of the top reasons authors give for self-publishing is the speed with which they can bring their books to publication. Gone are the endless publishing house production cycles that can keep books in limbo for years on end. Control is back in your hands. That’s the good news. The bad news is virtually the Read more about How far ahead should you schedule your edit?[…]

Get ready to get published

Once your book is edited, where can you turn for reliable advice on the next steps in the publishing process? My favorite publishing resources for authors include books and articles on querying agents, submitting to publishers, finding a great cover artist, self-publishing tasks and schedules, marketing and promoting your commercially published or self-published book, and Read more about Get ready to get published[…]

Streamline your queries with Canned Responses

After the long grind of writing, revisions, and editing, you’re undoubtedly eager to reclaim your free time or move on to the next creative project. Create that time by stepping up your game with simple tools to help you generate queries efficiently and professionally. Now that you’ve entered the publishing market with your book, you’re Read more about Streamline your queries with Canned Responses[…]

7 ways to evaluate a sample edit

Before you hire me as your editor, I like to open the conversation with an initial consultation. This free consultation is like a first meeting with a new attorney or accountant. You get a chance to explain your goals and concerns, and I can look at your manuscript in enough depth to see if I’m the best Read more about 7 ways to evaluate a sample edit[…]

Find the right editor for your book

Choosing an editor for your manuscript shouldn’t leave you feeling as if you were clinging to a plank over a sea of unknown terrors. Even first-time authors with no connections can build a respectable short list of editorial contenders by examining basics like budget and background. From there, you’re just a few steps away from Read more about Find the right editor for your book[…]