April 20, 2017

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With each project, she makes me a better writer. So call her Mrs. Miyagi. And, while you’re at it, probably book her to take your manuscript to the next level, too.—Luke R. Mitchell

Thanks for stopping by. Let’s talk about your book.

My editing schedule typically fills about six months in advance—plenty of time to whip your newborn first draft through one or more revision drafts before your edit. Please get in touch early.

Rates start at $0.015/word for critiques and $0.025/word for manuscript edits. Coaching accelerators begin at $399. Please get in touch for an individual quote.

Some editors offer free sample edits; I no longer do. An initial assessment represents a flurry of feedback with far more value than you’d get from a random editing excerpt. The $60 sample fee ($99 with Skype consultation) will be applied to your project if you hire me. Your sample covers a high-level overview of my impressions, recommendations for the services I think would best support your book, and a quote based on the work your manuscript needs.

Let’s talk.

Email me at lisa@lisapoisso.com or use the project form below to get in touch with me about your book. I won’t share your email address with third parties or contact you without permission.

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