April 6, 2019

Writing Resources

Clarity for your novel

These writing resources are among those I recommend frequently to my own clients. This list doesn’t pretend to be encyclopedic and won’t ever grow too long itself. I’ll be adding and curating listings over time as I recommend them to clients, so check back frequently for updates.

Learn more about writing

  • Affordable ways to learn to be a better writer Don’t waste time and money seeking one-on-one feedback and edit-by-edit corrections when you’re still light on writing skills. It makes no sense to pay a professional to marginally improve writing that’s simply not ready for prime time. If you’re still learning to write, don’t invest in editing. Invest in writing.
  • Best books on writing fiction Like all books, books on the craft of writing fiction have their own personalities and approaches. These are my current favorite best books on writing fiction for everyone.

Writing websites

Tools and resources

Free resources to power up your writing Tools, software, databases, and more.

ProWritingAid Help with grammar, style, and writing revisions.

Podcasts and video for writers

Tune in: 23 best podcasts for writers

Authors with great advice

  • Delilah Dawson’s Gnusletter This author’s spot-on writing advice, renowned from her #TenThings threads on Twitter, is now distributed in her newsletter.
  • Jami Gold What a find for anyone writing fiction. Read her blog, pore over her resource list, and try out her tools.
  • This Itch of Writing Emma Darwin’s blog includes a brilliant writing resources page.

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