Writing your first novel

What every writer should know before writing a first novel

Your first time attempting anything you value is fraught with risk. Most authors I know tackle their first novels with little more than hopes and dreams under the hood. Under these conditions, writing eighty thousand words can seem like an impossible exercise, and publishing those words remains an inscrutable business best left to the rich, Read more about What every writer should know before writing a first novel[…]

Publishing goals

What are your publishing goals?

Can you imagine the extradimensional bliss of watching your book become the next hot thing? While many authors dream of being the next Mark Dawson or Hugh Howey, in our hearts, we all know how rare that kind of success really is. But while the common wisdom tells us to shoot for the top, planning Read more about What are your publishing goals?[…]

Best publishing resources for authors

This post has been moved to a new permanent page. If you are not automatically redirected, please click here to visit the new page. Once your book is edited, where can you turn for reliable advice on the next steps in the publishing process? My favorite publishing resources for authors include books and articles on Read more about Best publishing resources for authors[…]

Ask an Editor: Live on Facebook, 2 p.m. March 15

  What’s the best way to revise your own copy? How do you know what kind of editing you need? What mistakes do editors find most often in manuscripts from first-time authors? How can you make your protagonist seem more relatable and sympathetic? Ask professional fiction editors (not acquisitions editors from publishing companies) your burning Read more about Ask an Editor: Live on Facebook, 2 p.m. March 15[…]