September 28, 2015

Editing Services


The Plot Accelerator

Lisa Poisso, Book Editor and Writing CoachIf your story isn’t built on a solid framework or if you don’t understand what sustains and drives it, it will struggle to lift off the launchpad—or it will tumble back to earth without ever reaching orbit. The fix: a Plot Accelerator.

The Plot Accelerator is a one-on-one analysis of your story wrapped around a mini-course in classic story structure and theory. Use your Plot Accelerator as a blueprint before you write, a diagnostic tool to help rescue a stuck story, or the first step in a thorough edit.

I love how you’ve distilled all these approaches … into a practical guide. Your material takes it from theory to practice. Brilliant!—Scott Jarol

The Accelerator begins with straightforward, supercharged tutorials on classic story structure and the techniques that underlie literature and storytelling. Study at your own pace, then move into analyzing and understanding your own story. We’ll dig in together with one-on-one feedback and coaching. Explore new ideas. Ask questions. Find out what works and why—so you’ll never find yourself neck-deep in an edit for a manuscript that wasn’t quite ready for lift-off.

What It Is:

An analysis of your story’s strengths and weaknesses wrapped around a mini-course on classic story structure—supported by one-on-one coaching and feedback.

What You Get:

Tutorials covering story structure and theory and the elements that drive plot; a guided analysis of your story; one-on-one email coaching and feedback about your story; craft resources and writing tools; follow-up phone or video call.

Who It’s For:

Authors seeking a cost-effective way to make sure their stories work; authors who want story editing but don’t have the budget or time for a developmental edit; authors who want the faster writing times that come from having a clear guide to their next steps.

How Much It Costs:


ADD MORE VALUE when you bundle your Plot Accelerator with a Mini Edit (below).


The Mini Edit

A Mini Edit helps you recognize and strengthen prevalent writing issues before you’ve woven them throughout your entire manuscript.

What It Is:

A story- and language-level edit of 7,500 words (about 30 pages).

What You Get:

Manuscript edit of 7,500 words (about 30 pages) using tracked changes and comments in Microsoft Word. You’ll get big-picture notes about your story, help with your narrative technique (point of view, dialogue tags and beats, creating effective scenes, and so on), and line editing to smooth and polish your writing; one-on-one feedback and recommendations in an editorial report; and optional telephone/video follow-up.

Who It’s For:

Authors seeking to polish their first pages for query and submission; new authors who need a clear picture of what’s working and what’s not working in their writing.

How Much It Costs:


ADD MORE VALUE when you bundle with a Plot Accelerator (above).

LOOKING FOR SOMETHING EVEN SMALLER? Try a Micro Edit of 2,500 words (about 10 pages)—fewer pages but the same depth of narrative- and writing-level feedback, including an editorial report and follow-up phone or video session. Not designed for story-level feedback. Micro Edit: $174


Manuscript Critique

Is your manuscript ready to send to agents or publishing houses? Does the story hold water? Is this book ready for self-publishing? A manuscript critique is best for seasoned authors who want an objective view of the strengths and weaknesses of their novels, minus the on-manuscript editing and feedback.

What It Is:

A written assessment of your story and writing.

What You Get:

An editorial report based on a deep read of your full manuscript, including feedback and recommendations covering your story, narrative technique, and writing; how-to tools and support materials; follow-up phone call or video call.

Who It’s For:

Authors seeking a better sense of what parts of their story need additional revision, what kind of development and editing their books need, and whether their manuscripts are ready to query or self-publish; authors seeking an affordable alternative to developmental editing.

How Much It Costs:

$0.01 per word

ADD MORE VALUE by combining your manuscript critique with a Mini Edit—now you’ll also see exactly how to tune and polish your writing, right there on your first 7,500 words. Manuscript Critique Plus: $0.015 per word



I will always remember, Lisa told me I had a ‘manuscript-length discussion of theme’ . . . all the icing and decoration but no cake! I needed to crack some more eggs. She has a great sense of humour, too!—J.C. Thomas

Developmental Editing

What It Is:

Big-picture editing focusing on your story and narrative technique.

What You Get

A manuscript edit using tracked changes and comments in Microsoft Word, with edits designed to help you develop your story and tune your narrative technique (point of view, dialogue, scenes, pacing, characterization, and so on); limited attention to language-level editing; feedback and recommendations in a comprehensive editorial report; how-to tools and support materials; email, phone, or video follow-up.

Who It’s For:

Authors seeking an edit that focuses on story and narrative technique; any author who wants to learn more about the craft of storytelling.

How Much It Costs:

Typically $0.03-$0.05 (3-5 cents) per word


Line Editing & Copyediting

What It Is:

Paragraph- and sentence-level editing.

What You Get:

I learned so much during the process, and I am certain I’m a much better writer from having worked with her.—Karen Cimms

Manuscript editing using tracked changes and comments in Microsoft Word, combining elements of line editing and copyediting. Recommendations are designed to polish your writing, from strengthening your individual voice and style to matters of grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Also included: comprehensive editorial report; email, phone, or video follow-up.

Who It’s For:

Authors seeking to produce a manuscript with professionally polished writing; authors who would like to develop their writing technique; authors seeking a final polishing edit after developmental or substantive editing

How Much It Costs:

Starting at $0.02 (2 cents) per word



Before you hire me, we’ll go through an initial email consultation (including a sample edit) at no obligation to you. You’ll receive my recommendations for your edit plus a plan of services designed for your needs and budget.

Once we begin working together, much of my focus will be on helping you master your craft. When something in your book isn’t working, I won’t just fix it; I’ll help you understand how and why to improve it yourself. You’ll finish your edit with a better book and a bigger toolbox of storytelling skills.


The support doesn’t stop once the words are on the page. A Query Accelerator shows you how to assemble a query and submission package with the professional polish it needs to woo agents and publishers. If you’re self-publishing, a Blurb Accelerator teaches you to write irresistible back cover and retail page copy. These services are available exclusively to established clients.

Still unsure? Read The Author’s Guide to Finding & Hiring an Editor

If you’d like to work together, let’s talk. We can begin a Plot Accelerator now to get your project moving forward quickly. Beyond that, it’s best to begin lining up a custom schedule now, because my calendar usually fills three to six months in advance.

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