September 28, 2015

Lisa Poisso, Book Editor

Bring Clarity to Your Novel

Lisa Poisso, Book Editor and Writing Coach

Ready to see your novel with new eyes? Now it’s time to make your book as rewarding to read as it was to write. If you’ll be pitching your book to an agent, I’ll help you tune your manuscript to publishing industry standards and expectations for your genre. If you plan to self-publish, I’ll help you figure out who your readers are and how to write a story that connects.

I’m the best fit editorially with authors who have a growth mindset, as interested in honing their storytelling and writing skills as they are developing a particular book. Editing is something I do with you and for you, not to you. If all you’re looking for is quick turnaround or a straight mechanical clean-up so that you can check editing off your to-do list, I’m not the right editor for your project.

Once we begin working together, much of my focus will be on helping you master your craft. When something in your book isn’t working, I won’t just fix it; I’ll help you understand how and why to improve it yourself. You’ll finish your edit with a better book and a bigger toolbox of storytelling skills.



Learn the rules like a pro so you can break them like an artist.

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Manuscript Critique

Is your manuscript ready to send to agents or publishing houses? Does the story hold water? Is this book ready for self-publishing? A manuscript critique is best for seasoned authors who want an objective view of their manuscript’s strengths and opportunities for growth. You get a deep read of your full manuscript plus feedback and recommendations in a comprehensive editorial report that covers your story, narrative technique, and writing. A manuscript critique does not include editing on the manuscript itself.

Manuscript critiques starting at $0.01 per word.

Developmental Editing

I will always remember, Lisa told me I had a ‘manuscript-length discussion of theme’ . . . all the icing and decoration but no cake! I needed to crack some more eggs. She has a great sense of humour, too!—J.C. Thomas

This is a big-picture story edit focused on developing your story and storytelling technique to their full potential. You get a manuscript edit using tracked changes and comments in Microsoft Word, supported by feedback and recommendations in a comprehensive editorial report (generally 15 pages or more). The edit begins with a look at your story itself, reviewing your story’s concept and genre, conflict and character motivation, plot, pacing, character arc, themes, and so on. This type of editing also helps you expand and strengthen your narrative technique, examining your use of point of view, dialogue tags and action beats, characterization, dramatic tension, exposition and description, theme, balancing scene vs. exposition vs. dialogue, transitions, hooks, scene structure, and more.

You’ll receive before-and-after support bundles packed with how-to tools and resources as well as follow-up coaching via email, phone, or video.

Developmental edits starting at $0.03 per word.

Substantive Editing, Line Editing, Copyediting

I learned so much during the process, and I am certain I’m a much better writer from having worked with her.—Karen Cimms

These types of editing provide paragraph- and sentence-level editing for your writing via manuscript editing using tracked changes and comments in Microsoft Word. These edits are designed to polish your writing, from strengthening your individual voice and style to clarifying grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Your edit is supported by a comprehensive editorial report that shows you how to apply these techniques to your writing. You’ll receive before-and-after support bundles packed with how-to tools and resources as well as follow-up coaching via email, phone, or video.

Rates starting at $0.03 per word.

The Story Incubator

The Story Incubator editing and coaching bundle provides comprehensive guidance for your story, from concept and genre to finished manuscript. Whether you’re just beginning to write or you’ve already completed your manuscript, the Story Incubator meets you where you are. Build your story from the ground up with thoughtful, incremental editing and coaching designed to fit your project’s development. It’s like a one-on-one writing workshop that takes your book from concept to completion.

Get in touch to learn how the Story Incubator can help you clarify your novel.



Lisa Poisso, Book Editor and Writing Coach

If you’re looking for a collaborative writing and editing experience that stretches your skill set and pushes your book to its full potential, let’s talk.

Contact me for a brief email consultation. We’ll go into more detail about your book, including the development you’ve put into your manuscript so far and your goals for the book.

Some editors offer free sample edits; I no longer do. An initial assessment represents a flurry of feedback with far more value than an everyday editing excerpt. The $60 sample fee ($125 with Skype consultation) will be applied to your project if you hire me. From your edited sample pages, you’ll gain a sense of my feedback style and what a typical edited passage might look like. I’ll give you a high-level overview of my impressions, recommend the services I think would best support your book, and give you a quote based on the work your manuscript needs.

Please get in touch early. My calendar typically fills four to six months in advance.



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