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Specializing in emerging & self-published authors
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Developmental editing

Plot, character motivation, conflict, dramatic tension, point of view, dialogue, description, pacing—this two-round edit ensures your story is solid.

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Affordable Critiques

A plot checkup, new author review, or manuscript evaluation are affordable ways to check the big-picture parts of your story before a full edit.

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Writer Coaching

Coaching can help you master new writing or storytelling skills and keep your plot on track as you write, chapter by chapter or draft by draft.

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Line Editing & Copyediting

Where copyediting makes your writing correct, line editing makes it shine. Give your manuscript the professional polish it truly deserves.

Experienced guidance,
professional results

Take your manuscript up a level.
Your story, your words, your voice.

Whether you’re a seasoned author seeking to solidify your voice or an emerging writer still assembling your toolkit of storycrafting techniques, my edits are designed to meet your individual editing and publishing goals.

If you'll be pitching to an agent, I'll help you tune your manuscript to publishing industry standards and today's demands for your genre. If you'll be self-publishing, I’ll help you figure out who your readers are and how to make your book connect with them.

My editing packages are designed to unlock the writing and storytelling techniques you'll need to make your book a compelling read for readers and agents. It's your writing, but fresher. Your book, but better.

  • Upmarket and commercial fiction; women's fiction, historical fiction; middle grade, young adult, and new adult fiction

  • Fantasy, soft sci-fi, horror, steampunk, utopian/dystopian, alternate history, apocalyptic/post-apocalyptic, supernatural, paranormal

  • Tabletop and video game content and editorial, gaming rule books and guides, supplements, related fiction

  • Spirituality, inspirational self-help, history, and travel nonfiction; daily web publications

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