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Plot Accelerator

Don’t drain your budget on a story that’s not ready for prime time. The Plot Accelerator is a mini-developmental edit—an X-ray of the bones of your novel.

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Story Incubator

Monthly or weekly coaching gives you the accountability and support you need to complete your book on time and prevent story drift as you write.

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Book Editing

Give your manuscript the professional polish it deserves. Prepare your book for publication with developmental, substantive, or line editing.

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Affordable Critiques

A mini edit, series checkup, or manuscript evaluation are affordable ways to make sure your story’s on track without the expense of a full edit.

Envision your story with clarity

Your story. Your voice.
More vision.

Authors of commercial fiction, you've come to the right place for support. If you plan to self-publish, I’ll help you figure out who your readers are and how to make your story connect with them. If you'll be pitching to an agent, I'll help you tune your manuscript to publishing industry standards and expectations for your genre.

Whether you’re an emerging writer still assembling your toolkit of storytelling techniques or a seasoned author seeking to solidify your voice, my services are designed to lend clarity to your creative vision.

  • "(Lisa's) the real deal. Simply awesome. In the last six months, I have learned so much. And more than that, the voice inside my head has changed her tune. Now I hear, 'You're going to do this.'"—Emile Horne

  • "You need a great and wonderful editor to enhance and embolden the story; I found that with Lisa."—Troy Christensen

  • "She totally understood that this novel is my baby, my first baby, and when we disagreed, which we did a couple of times, we worked together to find a good solution that we were both happy with. We worked together to make my book better."—Sara Stark

Do you need help developing your story?

A seasoned editor to polish your writing?

A coach to help you sort out your ideas and see the big picture?

Lisa Poisso, Book Editor and Writing Coach

My work is designed to help you unlock the writing and storytelling techniques you’ll need to make your novel a compelling read. It’s your writing, but fresher. Your book, but better.

Clarity: Tools & Skills for Authors

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