When your writing is
your creative world

Your manuscript deserves clarity.

Let's shine a light on your prose.

Manuscript Evaluation

A manuscript evaluation, plot checkup, or new author review are affordable ways to check the big-picture parts of your story before a full edit.

Content editing

Plot, character motivation, conflict, dramatic tension, point of view, dialogue, description, pacing—craft a compelling read at every level.

Copyediting & Line Editing

Where copyediting makes your writing correct, line editing makes it shine. Give your book the professional polish it deserves.

Substantive Editing

Substantive edits are a little like a cross between a content edit and a line edit—language plus storycrafting for a smooth, polished result.

A Compelling Read at Every Level

Your book. But better.
Your story, your words, your voice.

A good edit is like a personal coach for your writing. When you finish revisions after an edit from me, you'll feel like a stronger, better equipped writer. You'll walk away with tools and techniques for turning plodding prose into narrative so kinetic it tumbles off the page.

Your edit begins with your readers. We’ll figure out who those readers are and how to make your book something they'll want to read.

The thing that sets my editing apart from other editors’ work is my enthusiasm and commitment to helping you step up your game. It's your writing, but fresher. Your book, but better.

  • Literary & Commercial Fiction

    Literary and commercial fiction; women's fiction, historical fiction; middle grade, young adult, and new adult fiction

  • Speculative fiction

    Fantasy, soft sci-fi, horror, steampunk, utopian/dystopian, alternate history, apocalyptic/post-apocalyptic, supernatural, paranormal

  • RPGs and Gaming

    Tabletop and video game content and editorial, gaming rule books and guides, supplements, related fiction

  • Nonfiction

    Spirituality, inspirational self-help, history, and travel nonfiction; daily web publications

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